Frequently asked questions

What should I wear to my lesson?

English riders should wear stretchy pants (not jeans), boots with a 1/4"-1/2" heel and a ASTM/ SEI certified riding helmet if they have one. Western riders can wear any sort of pants, boots with a 1/4"- 1/2" heel and a ASTM/ SEI certified riding helmet if they have one. Helmets can be provided, but we strongly suggest purchasing your own.

What if I have to cancel my lesson?

Stuff happens and we get that! We have a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel more than 12 hours before there will be no charge for the lesson. After the 12 hour window the lesson will billed. Please text or call our head coach Christy (647) 203-8348 to cancel or reschedule.

When should I arrive for my lesson?

If you are coming for a Little Stirrup or green stirrup lesson please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time. We have a large farm and you may need some time to find your coach. If you are coming for a lesson in the rusty or gold stirrup program please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time to get your horse ready for your lesson.

What if there is bad weather for my lesson?

We have an indoor arena so for most weather we can run lessons. That being said the temperature is below -20 C with a windchill, or +30 without humidex lessons will be cancelled for the saftey of our horses and riders. Lessons may also be cancelled for icy/ snowy conditions or postponed due to thunderstorms.

I am interested in boarding, what is the next step?

We are alway happy to welcome new boarders! We generally have a waitlist for boarding so please contact Christy to book a tour and see about availability. or (647) 203-8348.