Silver Fox Equine

Silver Fox Equine

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About the Name

The name Silver Fox Equine & Farm was dreamed up many years ago. As a child Christy had always dreamed of having her own farm. On the way to school she often passed Foxley Green Farm, having a friend that named her imaginary farm Foxley Green, She decided to name her farm Foxley Silver. However, that did not sound right, so in the end she decided on Silver Fox. Fast forward a few decades later, when it came time to find a business name only one could come to mind, Silver Fox Equine.


History of the Farm

Before the Chamney's bought the farm it had only been owned by one family, the Meek family. The Meek family moved to Mono Township in 1838, taking E 1/2 Lot 2, Concession 5 from the Clergy Reserve, which was given to them by the government of Upper Canada; It was named Humberlea Farm.  The original house was of log construction and the property was entirely treed. The first farmstead is long lost, but the house grew as the family become established. Around 1925 the new, larger barn was built for the horses and cattle. At the same time the hog barn was also built. The large barn was built stronger then the old one with stone foundation and post and beam construction. The timber for the new barn came from a farm north east of the homestead. 


This picture is from 1896