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What sets us apart?

Education and safety are our primary goals. 

We have SMALL groups. 2-4 students max, depending on the program. 

Our school horses are show quality 



Apart from lessons, SFE offers part-boarding, Leasing &  show team


We teach everyone! From kids to adults, beginner through advanced, english and western riding. we want to share our passion for horses.


Our fall session is full! We are still booking for Monday-Thursday 9-3 lessons.

 We accept cash, debit & credit & email money transfer. 

Please note 24 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson without payment

Email head coach Christy to book-, or text/ call

(647) 203-8348



We offer top level education programs on and with horses. We have individualized lesson programs catering to the needs of the individual student.

Students will learn to be well rounded horse people at Silver Fox, learning dressage, western, vaulting, jumping and eventing! All of our coaches stress safety and a positive learning environment.

SFE has a maximum of 2-4 riders per lesson, depending on the program, to allow for the best and safest learning environment. 

Our horses  are our family. They are incredibly patient and kind, as well as well trained. All of the horses in our program are show quality horses that love their jobs. 


Students will have annual testing. This allows students to see their progress year-to-year. This also encourages them to learn the horsemanship side of horses!

We want to create horse people, not riders


Little Stirrup Rainbow.jpg

Little Stirrup 

Kids aged 2-6

Lesson Length: 45-60 minutes


This program is designed for kids to learn about ponies! What they eat, how they communicate, how we take care of them.

Students will learn how to groom, lead, tack up and untack their pony as well as basic riding skills one on one with their instructor. The  lesson includes both the in-barn and mounted time. 

Green Stirrup Logo.jpg

Green Stirrup

Students aged 5+

Lesson Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes - 1 hour, 45 minutes


This program is for beginner to novice riders. Students will learn to get their horse ready independently, about horses, as well as about the equipment we use.  Students will learn basic horsemanship and a basic balanced position that will take them through any discipline. 

Getting the horse ready and putting them away is built into the lesson. 

Rusty Stirrupsmall.jpg


Adults ages 30 +

Lesson Length: 45-60 minutes


This program is tailored specifically to the adults! This program offers adult students a chance to ride with like-minded adults to achieve their riding goals. Whether students rode as kids or want to pick it up for the first time, this program offers a fun, educational, fitness and social experience. 

Tacking and untacking time is not built into the lesson time so students must arrive 30 minutes before the lesson and expect to stay after.

Gold Stirrup 2.jpg


Silver & Gold STirrup

Kids aged 8+

Lesson Length: 45-60 minutes

This is the program for our riders that have demonstrated that they can get their horse ready with no assistance. This program will also prepare students for part-boarding as showing should they wish to do so. Lessons will focus on the discipline of the students choice (hunter/jumper, eventing, games, western dressage, dressage), and off property schooling. 

Tacking and untacking time is not built into the lesson time so students must arrive 30 minutes before the lesson and expect to stay after.

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